Crazy hand 10-25 full ring Merit at wpc

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UTG raises to 75 and i flat call from button with 88 and bb calls as well.(bb is a well known player Roger Hairabedian)

Flop comes 8,Q,A rainbow and they both check to me and i fire for 200$ and bb calls.

Turn Ace and bb checks and i fire for 6004 but he reraises to 1700$.

I flat call and i have another 2800 behind.

River Ace again !!! and he leads all in for 2800$!!!

I fold and he shows me 4,6 off!!!

I think when he check raises me on turn he has obv an ace so at river i dont really win anything except if he is sick.

Anyway he doubled me up after half an hour at a board 2,5,K me AA and him KT

next one.

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