Coaching Benefits


In this coaching session you will learn all you need to know about using your HUD stats in your advantage and analyzing your hands with the best tools.


If you’re serious about poker then you need to be equally serious about your bankroll.In the coaching session you will learn everything you need to make the best out of your bankroll and always play your A-Game.


I can teach you fundamentals you never came across, quickly resolve mistakes you have been making for years and show you profitable spots you never knew existed.

Short Bio

Hi, my name is Iliodoros "ILIOS72" Kamatakis. I started playing Black Jack as a pro 16 years ago. For the last ten years i play poker professionally. Even if i started as a high stakes cash game player i moved to high stakes MTT both online and live. My prizes from online MTT's are $2 million and i have over 800.000$ prizes from live. Very mature with engineering background and i know very well its all about the math.


aspas1It was the best experience I ever had in poker with great  advises from a coach that is always a level ahead. My level increased dramatically, ILIOS spotted my mistakes and made me realize what creative poker looks like. Moreover, my way of thinking, the choices I make and the way I take advantage of my opponents mistakes have hugely improved. I thank him aspas2for the advises inside and outside the poker tables!

Ioannis Giatzakis



Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Already have a bunch of post flop hands to discuss. Ilios knows so much, things that you don’t think about that he explains in ways to make it understandable. We worked on MTT only, GREAT value!!aspas2

Micah Amado